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On this page, you will find most of my video games projects.
Some of them can be downloaded and played.

CP3D is a project I joined in February of 2019. The game run on the Unity 2019 game engine and is regulary updated. The game got over 29 000 players and is maintained by a dedicated team.

I'm modeller, artist, web designer and community manager on this project.

Penguin Corp. is a game made in 3 days at Grenoble's Scientific Game Jam 2020. You play an entrepreneur that just bought a fish sandwich making compagny, and you need to keep good relationship with your employees. The game has received the awards of the best Sound Design and the best graphics.
(The game is entirely in French)

Club Penguin World is an unfinished project running on Unreal Engine, started in April 2018 and in pause since February 2019. The game is a recreation of the Club Penguin universe, but with a 3D twist.
I was working on this project alone, and it helped me learning modelisation.

Not the good test subject is a Portal 2 map made with Hammer.
It relate the story of a test subject accidentally woke up because of an error in the Chryostase Chamber.

Not the good test subject2 is a Portal 2 map made with Hammer.
It's the sequel of the one just before. This time, you go deeper inside the facility, and you will meet someone special.

Simple old test is a Portal 2 map made with Hammer.
It doesn't have any story. The map take place in the 80's Aperture Science Facility.

Into Wheatley test chamber is a Portal 2 map made with Hammer.
You play in the damaged Aperture science facility just after the Wheatley takeover.

Portal00 is a remake of the first level of Portal, made in Unreal Engine.
I made this project to learn the bases of Unreal Engine, mostly for Club Penguin World.