/Level Design, Integration, Modelization

Made with the Unreal Tournament 4 editor and inspired by the eponymous city, Annecy is a map capture the flag in 5v5.

The "Palais de l'Île"

Level Design

The level is divided in two floors, with the city above and below the underground. It was designed with the objective of using two of the mechanics of Unreal Tournament 4.
The "slide", when you run and start crounching, that players can use to get through walls or to suprise opponents in the underground, as the jump pad which is used to access new area by flying over walls.

The city

The underground

Level Art

The level was made as a first year project at Bellecour École, and the constraint was to use modular assets that we had to create.
As such, and inspired by the city, I made an asset pack of modular assets that has models, decals and materials.

3D assets (props)

Different window type with variants




- Axel Dobric
- Julien Eveillé
- Nathan Diolot
- Théo Lephillipe
- Axel Faux
- Cassie Limozin