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CP3D is a free virtual world inspired after Disney's Club Penguin. Made on Unity, it's a 3D remake of the original flash Club Penguin game closed in 2017 by Disney.
In CP3D, you can chat, dance, customize your penguin and your igloo buy buying clothes and furnitures, play mini games, become a secret agent or a ninja, and more! To this day, CP3D have arround 43 000 registered users, with weekly updates and monthly events.
The project was launch in October 2018 and I joined the CP3D team in February 2019.

The Town


I first joined CP3D as a 3D artist. At that time, CP3D was very low poly and textureless game. I started to remake all the existing models to a more faithful Club Penguin look, with textures, animation and so on.

The Plaza, 2018

The Plaza, 2021

Next to that, I was also making clothes, furnitures and igloos for the game, along with the decoration for the monthly parties CP3D had.

Tallest Mountain, Festival of Flight, 2020

Some clothes

Frond End

I worked on the front end of the CP3D website, to be more visualy appealing and more user friendly.

Old CP3D website

CP3D Website

Download page

User Experience and Interface Design

To let people buy clothes and furnitures, CP3D had weekly and monthly updates that would bring new catalogs to the game. Every catalogs released in the game was made up by me, as I was making their interface, renders and implementing them into the game. Along with that, every two weeks, a new "Penguin Time" (CP3D newspaper) was released. I was taking charge of making the newspaper with the text CP3D writer's were giving to me.

Covers of 2020 clothes catalogs

Penguin Time N°44

Halloween furniture catalog

A team

CP3D is the work of an incredible team, made of Club Penguin fan from all around the world. The communication between staff members was made fully in english on Discord. With that team and the help of our community, CP3D was noticed by the original creator of Club Penguin and former Club Penguin staff. You can still play CP3D to this day.

CP3D staff, past and present:


Head Developer:


Head Modeler:


2D artist:

-Raining Pigs

-Chris Hendricks