/Level Design, Integration, Modelization

France, Giscard d'Estaing is still the president for many decades now. The MANTIF, a science laboratory that does weird and secret experimentations, from where test subjects never came back, want you to participate in one of their experiences.

Deathjob is a puzzle-platformer game taking place in a Giscardpunk universe where your objective is to complete all the different test chamber by using your previous failures. Developed in 5 weeks, it's the "3D platformer" project of the game design second year's at Bellecour École.

The game contains 6 different puzzles and an end. The game is by no means finished and is to be taken as a tech demo. Many bugs are present, but the game is playable from start to finish.



- Maxence Jacquot
- Axel Dobric
- Nathan Diolot
- Théo Murgier

- Jules Lagarde