/Level Design, Integration, Modelization

France: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing is the president for several decades, France radiates technologically internationally, with advance tech developed by compagnies such as the MANTIF, a laboratory realizing, for science, dangerous and top secret experiments, of witch no test subject ever came back.

Deathjob is a puzzle-platformer taking place in a Giscardpunk universe, in which players will have to resolve test chambers, and death is often the answer.

It was made in 5 weeks as a second year project at Bellecour École. As a demo, the game contains 6 levels. Some small bugs might occur, but the game is fully playable.


Full gameplay


Game Design team:
- Maxence Jaquot
- Axel Dobric
- Nathan Diolot
-Théo Murgier

- Jules Lagarde