Get out the House
/Level Design, Level Art
Get out the House

Get out: The house is a Half-Life:Alyx workshop map made with Hammer 2.
It takes place in a small mansion near City 17's suburb. Players will have to find keys, solve puzzles and get rid of zombies to clear the level.

Inspired by Resident Evil 2 Remake, the map is fully immersive and interactable. To help the players, small hint will appear when the player tries to perform actions they can't do because they're missing something, like in Resident Evil.

For other mechanics, such as break glass with a weapon or switch the lights to turn off electricity, players will learn them by themself through the gameplay.

The player breaks by accident a glass panel when trying to shoot its first zombie.

The papermap was first sketched on paper, then made clean on photoshop.