/Level Design, Level Art, 3D Art

POPULATION: Abandonned/Decimated

FAUNA: █████████

HISTORY: This planet contains one of the numerous Mantif experimentation centers. The reason for the failure of this one is unknown, but we suspect that the experimentation on ████ and █████████ might be the cause of death of the local scientific population.

Mantif logo

Mantif is a mod for Lethal Company, taking place in a fictionnal corporation from Deathjob, the MANTIF.

The moon

Lethal company loop is simple: You go on a moon/planet, you find the entrance to a dungeon, you loot that dungeon and you go back to you spaceship.
With that project I wanted to create a full Mantif experience, and create the planet and its dungeon.
For the moon, I went into a different way than vanilla Lethal Company moons. In Lethal Company, most of them are difficulte to navigate because it's hard to see where is the entrance for the dungeon, and fire exits (another way to enter the dungeon) are very hidden. The level design itself is made to lost the player.
The main issue I have with this is once you know the moon, there is less challenge at escaping a moon at night. I decided to create a map where players know exactly where they have to go, and how. But, to keep a bit of challenge, I raised the danger outside the moon, specially when the sun sets.

You can easily see the main entrance

A map visible where players land

To add a bit of cooperation, I made a part of the moon accessible only if another player press a button one the other side of the Mantif.
I encourage players to go to that area by setting a shotgun with amo on the other side of the gate, and some other scraps.

The shotgun behind the gate

The second player pressing the button to open the gate

The dungeon

More soon


With the use of:
- Lethal Level Loader by IAmBatby
- HD Bracken by xweert123